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Our menu was carefully crafted by a professional Chef, so you can experience different flavours from around the world, with a delicious touch of local cuisine.


Fish and Chips (250g)
Fish and Chips (250g)
33 lei
Cod file, fries, Remoulade sauce
Bruschete halloumi
25 lei
Halloumi chesse, cherry tomatoes, rucola
Bruschete pomodori
15 lei
sos de roșii, busuioc, usturoi, parmezan
Crispy calamar rings (300g)
30 lei
Calamar, salad mix, tartar sauce
Foccacia with garlic (200 gr)
8 lei
Foccacia, garlic
Foccacia with parmigiano
10 lei
Foccacia, parmigiano
Fried olives (150g)
16 lei
Green olives, Panko bread
Hummus with baked red sweet peppers and pita (300g)
19 lei
Hummus, baked red sweet peppers, pita
Nachos "Cerro Chato" (250g)
28 lei
Tortilla chips, pork minced meat, cheese mix, salsa sauce
Piatto di antipasti (350 gr)
28 lei
mozzarella, prosciutto crudo, salam milano, mortadella, olives, cherry tomatoes, grisine
Quesadillia with chicken and salad mix (250g)
26 lei
Mixed cheese, chicken breast, pita, salad mix

Burgers/ Ribs/ Schnitzel

Angus Burger (400g)
Angus Burger (400g)
39 lei
Angus beef, pickled cucumbers, tomatoes, salad, french fries, sauce
Oven baked pork ribs (550g)
Oven baked pork ribs (550g)
48 lei
Pork ribs, fries, baked peppers, green onions, BBQ sauce
Big Boy Burger (600g)
52 lei
Beef, jalapeno, cheddar, smoked bacon, pickled cucumbers, tomatoes, salad, french fries, sauce
Cheese Burger (400g)
42 lei
Beef, cheddar, smoked bacon, pickled cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, french fries, sauce
Chicken/ Pork schnitzel (350g)
22 lei
Chicken breast/pork, salad mix with balsamic vinegar dressing
Pork schnitzel with mushrooms sauce
25 lei
pork chop, mushrooms, cream, breadcrumb
Schnitzel Parmigiano
25 lei
chicken breast, parmigiano, mozzarella
Tagliata con rucola
48 lei
beef sirloin, cherry tomatoes, parmigiano, rucola


Caesar Salad (350g)
Caesar Salad (350g)
27 lei
Iceberg salad, chicken breast, parmesan, anchovies, Caesar dressing
120 / of 297

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