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Our menu was carefully crafted by a professional Chef, so you can experience different flavours from around the world, with a delicious touch of local cuisine.


Ox tail consome (300ml)
29 lei
Ox tail meat, Porto wine, white wine, vegetables, croutons
Soup of the day (300ml)
14 lei
Please, ask the waiter!
Veal broth with onion and parsley crust (300ml)
24 lei
Veal meat, vegetables, pastry, buns


Penne al forno (250g)
Penne al forno (250g)
29 lei
Penne, bacon, chicken breast, tomatoes, sour cream, parmesan cheese First made in northern Italy, cooked in the oven where the cooks prepared pizza, this dish quickly migrated to Italian restaurants in America. Penne al forno, they have become the first option as a pasta dish for Americans, but not only, Alberta, Canada being a town where such food is ordered very often.
Penne vegan (250g)
26 lei
Penne, broccoli, dried tomatoes sour cream, parmesan cheese
Spaghetti carbonara (250g)
27 lei
Spaghetti, egg, parmesan cheese, bacon


Butter fish (350g)
49 lei
Butter fish fillet, broccoli, crushed potatoes with green onions, cherry tomatoes
Moroccan salmon cooked on hot plate (350g)
37 lei
Salmon fillet, spicy chickpeas salad
Sea Bass (350g)
30 lei
Sea bass fillet, vegetables mix, spinach, white wine sauce

Romanian dishes

Bulz (250g)
Bulz (250g)
21 lei
Polenta, Provolone ("burduf"), bacon, sour cream It’s also called “The Bear” (“Ursul” – rom. or “boț” – rom.) made of polenta it is a dish created by the shepherds, having a type of cheese that resembles a lot the Italian Provolone cheese. The cheese is in the middle of a well-cooked than grilled polenta. Quite frequently, it’s served with grilled bacon, as we serve it here.
Cured Wine Leaves rolls with goose minced meat (450g)
Cured Wine Leaves rolls with goose minced meat (450g)
35 lei
Wine leaves, goose minced meat, rise, polenta, sour cream, buns
Tocană muntenească (300g)
Tocană muntenească (300g)
24 lei
Veal meat, tomatoes, bell peppers, onion, polenta
Coșul cu mititei (400g)
25 lei
Grilled minced meat rolls, fries, mustard, buns
Pui la ceaun (400g)
24 lei
Chicken wings, chicken legs, polenta, garlic sauce, buns
Romanian BBQ for 2 (900g)
79 lei
Sausages with basil, pork neck, grilled minced meat rolls, sheep pastrami, french fries, assorted pickles, buns

From the grill

Old Boy Steak (400g)
Old Boy Steak (400g)
59 lei
Beef entrecote, salad mix with balsamic vinegar dressing, buns
Young Boy Steak (300g)
Young Boy Steak (300g)
48 lei
Beef sirloin, salad mix with balsamic vinegar dressing, buns
Pork neck (350g)
25 lei
Neck, salad mix with balsamic vinegar dressing
Tomahawk pork chop (450g)
33 lei
Pork chops, potatoes with green onions, cherry tomatoes

Side dishes and accompanying salads

Baked red sweet peppers salad (150g)
12 lei
Baked red sweet peppers, vinegar, sunflower oil
2140 / of 275

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